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From AthensGaBiycling:

To help with ride planning and for fun, we have categorized most rides (in the above calendar) based on average mph: 

  • Cheetah=20+ mph; Antelope=17 to 20 mph; Gazelle=15 to 17 mph; Elk=13 to 15 mph; Coyote=11 to 13 mph; Beginner=below 11mph; No Drop= all are welcome

A note about group rides:  AthensGaBicycling is a strong proponent of cyclists riding in groups.  All group rides in Athens are structured to allow cyclists with similar skills to ride within a group setting.  Most groups will stop and wait for riders with announced mechanical problems.  Please remember, riders who cannot maintain the minimum speed on rides will be dropped (left behind) out of consideration for the overall group.  On Elk and Coyote rides, participants normally wait for slower riders at spots throughout the route.  All posted ride speeds are based on objective mph averages for the rides.  The group speeds are monitored and may be changed up or down based on actual results. 
We try to list all weekly area group rides that meet our Free/Open to All/No Solicitation Group Ride Posting Policy*. 

Fantastic bike shop a true gem of the 5 Points area.
Jim and Brian are very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. They also provide a ride at 7AM, six days a week, which is a great benefit to the area!
— Cary E.

Today, I needed a steering stem to finish my new build, and they had lots of different ones to choose from in stock. The sales associate also helped me sort through them all to find exactly the size I was looking for. Prices are very reasonable. Definitely check these guys out, you won’t be disappointed.
Show up on a Tuesday evening, and go ride offroad with them. You’ll have a great time.
— David B.